2020 Tennis Restringing Prices

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Please find attached updated Price List for tennis restringing via the Pro Shop.

If your racket is;

• Starting to feel dead
• If you have to swing harder to get the ball deep
• If you are making good contact but getting fewer solid hits
• If your strings sound different when contact is made
• If it feels as though the sweet spot has disappeared

…. then it is probably time for a restring.

Strings don’t have to break to be worn out (dead). How often you restring your racket depends on numerous factors;

• Your string type
• Style of play
• Frequency of play

A good rule of thumb is to restring as many times each year as you average playing each week. As a minimum, you should restring every six months to prevent the strings going dead.

Types of string

Polyester - Control and topspin for hard hitters. Recommended for regular string breakers.
Synthetic Gut - Versatile and highly playable. Recommended for good all round performance. Multifilament - Power and comfort with a softer feel. Recommended for players suffering from arm problems.
Hybrid - Combining the best qualities of two strings while lessening their limitations.

For more information or to arrange a restring please speak to Jennifer/Caitlin or contact Reception.

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